Who We Are

The leaders of Learning Unlimited have all been key members of local programs in the past, while in college or graduate school. They are:

Our Board of Directors


Will Reid, Chair
Will is a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and he is currently working as a finance transformation consultant. Will joined Splash UNC in his freshman year and served in positions ranging from Strategy Director to Operations Team Lead. He is passionate about helping organizations drive change by creating and meeting proactive goals. He is looking forward to bringing both passion and experience to the board.


Anne Wen
Born and raised on Guam, Anne studies international affairs and journalism at Princeton University (class of 2023). While on a gap year, she reports on Guam's education and village issues for Pacific Daily News, her home newspaper. She joined Princeton Splash in 2018, first as a teacher outreach officer before serving as a co-director the next year. Her favorite memory is traveling with the Princeton Splash team to Yale's Splash and attending SplashCon 2020, where she spent hours laughing and listening to teachers recall their funny Splash stories.


Lauren MacLachlan
As a teenager in New Jersey, Lauren had the fortune of first gaining exposure to two lifelong passions in the same day – neuroscience and Splash. While pursuing a neuroscience degree at Northeastern University, Lauren grew a deep love for Splash and Learning Unlimited. Lauren has worked for three years performing research as a sleep technician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. She can often be found teaching Splash classes on circadian rhythms, psychopharmacology, and even game shows!

Cori Posner
Cori is a senior biochemistry student at Northeastern University, and has been involved as a teacher and admin of several Northeastern Splash programs. She typically teaches classes about neuroscience and biotechnology, with an occasional printmaking class thrown in. As a new member to the board, she is looking forward to exploring ways to measure and increase impact of Splash programs.

Our Staff

Ben H.

Benjamin Horowitz, Executive Director
Ben is currently an astrophysicist at Princeton University, and he was originally inspired to get involved in math and science through attending MIT's Splash and Spark programs in high school. In undergraduate, he was one of the founding members of Yale Splash in 2010 and has led that organization through most of it's growth and expansion. He recieved his doctorate at UC Berkeley supported by a National Science Foundation Fellowship, where he mentored the undergraduate team running Splash at Berkeley. In addition to UC Berkeley's program, he has mentored programs as University of Oxford, UC Merced, Princeton University, and Bard College.

Miles Calabresi, Director of Chapter Services

Miles has been involved the LU and Splash communities since 2012, both as program director and organizational president at the Yale chapter. He has been active in LU, mentoring programs and creating resources to help improve the impact of our programs, as well as serving as Chair of the Chapter Board, member of the Nominating Committee and Web Team, and the annual SplashCon director. In his primary role, Director of Chapter Services, his projects include streamlining communication between LU and its chapters, creating and improving standards of assistance LU provides, and creating reusable resources for programs to build on, all with the goal of making accessible information and services that are durable and useful to programs of varying ages, sizes, and philosophies. Miles holds degrees in Mathematics and Linguistics from Yale and The Ohio State University.

Ted Hwa, Chief Financial Officer
Ted Hwa is the Chief Financial Officer of Learning Unlimited. He has been volunteering in Splash programs since 1996, during his days as a student at Stanford. He continues to be involved with the Stanford chapter of Learning Unlimited, assisting them with website issues. His background is in mathematics and computer science, and in his day job, he works in the field of internet security.

Our Volunteers
The Learning Unlimited volunteers are composed of former program leaders working alongside others who never had a chance to run a Splash. Some are still in college, while some have long graduated, but they all help to make our programs a reality. They bring diverse talents, from business and legal advice to web programming to graphic design, and together form the backbone of our organization. We invite anyone with interest to join us in volunteering by emailing us at info@learningu.org with a brief description of what excites you about Splash and how you are interested in helping.