Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have an enormous Splash like MIT/Stanford?

No. Keep in mind that MIT's Splash has been running for almost 30 years which has allowed them to build up a large student base. LU works with Splashes that range from 3,000 students to 50 students and everywhere in between. The size of your Splash is up to you and what you think you and your team can put together. Most first time Splashes range from 50 to 150 students.

What motivates students to start a Splash?

Although every Splash is different, generally founding teams have a strong desire to accomplish something significant and something that will make a difference in their community and on their campus.

What is the time commitment to start a Splash?

There's no getting around it, Splash is a large time commitment, furthermore, you will not always be able to predict when it takes up your time as unexpected issues always come up. That being said, putting together a solid admin team that supports each other makes it much more manageable.

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