How We Help

When you start your chapter, you will be creating a separate, independent organization. We will help you to start your group, but your group is yours. Here's what we provide:

  • Personal advisors. Our volunteers have run or even started their own chapters in the past, and can guide you through the process, including its pitfalls and best moments. We'll be there to consult on anything that you're doing.
  • Web framework and support. Our volenteers have spent thousands of hours to create a flexible website to help you run your programs, and we offer free webhosting and support.
  • Resource guides. We are developing detailed guides to help you with student and teacher recruitment, teacher training, program checklists and procedures, and more.
  • Local contacts. We'll use our contact network to find others at your university who are interested in teaching or leading programs, to reach into local schools, and to find businesspeople and administrators who will support your efforts.
  • A national community. We'll add you to our mailing lists of student leaders, so that you can talk with them about your work, your successes and your questions.
  • Day-of support. Several of us (as well as other chapter members) will come in the day before your first event and help you set up, make sure that all of the loose ends are taken care of, and help deal with any last-minute dilemmas.
  • Administrative support. We'll help you talk to your administration, provide tools to smooth your process, and give examples of programs at peer universities that have found success.
  • Evaluation. We'll give you access to tools to survey your students to measure your success and find the improvements to help your program.
  • Leadership development. Who takes over your program when you're done? We'll help you transition to new leadership and train your future directors.

Above all, your program is your program. We will advise, but we'll only advise when you ask us. All the decisions are in your hands, and how you shape your program is up to you. We're here to help, because we love this program, and because we want to help it grow.

Interested in talking with us more about the process? Then contact us and we'll talk about what the process entails.