Your Chapter

What Will Your Program Look Like?

Designing the kind of program you want to run is up to you. We can show you examples and tell you what's worked, but the ultimate choices and responsibilities are yours.

Here's what all of our programs have in-common. They are all about college and graduate students (as well as other members of the campus community) teaching topics they're passionate about to middle and high school students. These topics can range over anything, from advanced mathematics to knitting to political science. College students get the chance to design their own course about what they are interested in; middle and high school students get to choose from a huge variety of different and crazy topics that get them excited to learn. Your role, as a leader, is to design a program and make every element of it happen—an exciting, if daunting, task.

We Exist to Be a Resource

Learning Unlimited is here to be a resource for college student groups that run exciting educational programs for middle and high school students. We will help you get started, but the actual work is up to you. You have the freedom to design your program to suit what's best for you, your community, and your campus.

Getting Your Team Together

Your first task will be composing a team of leaders that will make your program happen. This could be just you and a friend who is also interested; it could also be a group of 5-10 dedicated individuals who all want a part of forming a new kind of educational outreach program.

Making it Happen

Once your team is together, you make it happen. That means deciding on what kind of program you want to run, recruiting teachers, securing a location, advertising to students, and much more. If you have the initiative, we'll help you to learn how to do anything you're not sure about, and link you up with experienced program leaders at other universities.

Interested in finding out more? We'd like to speak with you, even if you're not sure this is what you want to do and just want to learn more about what it's like. Go ahead and contact us and we'll see where our discussion takes us!

Or, keeping reading to see how we help.