Current Programs

Learning Unlimited incubates and provides a national support structure for independent, college-student-led educational programs aimed at middle and high school students.

Splash is by far the most common Learning Unlimited program; it’s a weekend-long extravaganza of classes at a local college or university, where pre-college students are invited to learn about everything and anything from passionate university students. Splash currently runs at MIT, at Stanford University, at the University of Chicago, at Duke University, at Yale University, at Boston College, and many more!

Take a look at our map and calendar for a complete list and to find a Splash near you!

MIT Splash

MIT Splash 2008

Several groups also run a multi-week program, called Cascade at Chicago, Sprout at Yale, and HSSP at MIT. This program has been going strong at MIT since 1957! HSSP classes are taught over several weeks, and cover material in greater depth than the typical Splash class.

The MIT group, MIT ESP, also runs several other programs, including a summer intensive course program called Junction.

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